Earn Income From ANYWHERE

Can this be your "travelin' home AND your way to earn income from anywhere?
Can this be your “travelin’ home AND your way to earn income from anywhere?

A PRIMER for those who are “on the road” and wish to maintain an income – OR – for those who wish to generate income from a “sticks and bricks” home as well…

No this is NOT a sales pitch – we ALL know how much we enjoy those! My intent here is to inform, prompt thought, and perhaps advise. Watch my video – then read on for additional thoughts and details.

Lets face it… we live at a time where these times have created uncertainty – along with amazing potential and frankly to those who think “out of the box” – its exciting!

I hope through my first video in this series I was able to provide a few “starting” ideas. My 2nd video will go into the “800 Pound Gorilla” in the “work from anywhere” world. Recapping here are a few ideas to ponder…

  • handyman/RV Repair – a basic set of tools could be sufficient here; no one expects you to be stocked like Camping World, and thanks to Amazon, you can get almost anything you need in 2 days to even the most remote locations
  • computer tech/repair – most folks just need the “junk” cleaned up; viruses removed**; good anti virus software installed and MSConfig set up so that nothing runs unless it needs to be running
  • create something! can you sew? make quilts? sweaters? hats? the world is waiting for YOU to show your creativity!
  • BONUS Suggestion: This came to me after creating the video – ever heard of “fiverr” or “gigbucks” (google ’em)- take a look at ’em. You can offer “gigs” for a few $ and work online through them. Example: If you can write, you can do “copy-writing” on a “per job” basis.

A note on “work-camping” – I’ve done it on the volunteer level. Last summer I was at Steamboat Lake in Colorado and served as a camp host. This summer, I will be in Idaho and serve as a “nature guide” and “star party astronomer” (I do have a background in science – earth science in particular.) These have been UNPAID volunteer positions. From what I can see, I prefer this to being paid at a campground. The paid employees work MUCH harder and longer. For me, I’d rather enjoy the state/national park experience and not have a full time job (working for them). I believe there are MUCH better options – perhaps I have detailed one earlier in this post – or perhaps I will hit on one in my next video, which will serve as “Part 2” of this post.

Care to “sound off” – got something to say (perhaps something YOU do to “earn on the road”) or contribute? Use the “leave a reply” area below to speak and be heard!


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5 thoughts on “Earn Income From ANYWHERE”

  1. Hi Alan.

    Enjoying your videos. I am also contemplating the RV lifestyle but i have a few years till my son is done school so I have the time now to plan.

    I’m interested in what you do to earn income online while living in an RV. I’d like to start something like that now to provide not only for my RV but to take over from my day job and give me my time freedom back.

    If you have any advice just let me know.


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