Winter RV Accessories

Winter (Heated) Water Hose

If you camp in cold weather in the winter, this hose is an invaluable tool! I’ve had mine for 3 seasons now. Camco places a 3-year warranty on it and guarantees its use to -40F. Since I got it, I can only verify its effectiveness to -30F (hasn’t got below that in the past 3 winters where I am.) They make this hose in 3 lengths – 15, 25 and 50 ft. Recent changes in its design have improved it further. I just completed a review of the Camco heated hoses HERE.

Camco does make another series of heated hoses that cost less than 1/2 of the series linked above. You will see them on the same page that you land on using the image above. This other series has a 1 year warranty and is guaranteed to -20F.

Another Winter Camping Option – Heat Tape
Prevent your sewer hose from freezing up! I use this product as it is easy to wrap the tape around the sewer hose. Can also be used for water hose (if you don’t have the PREFERRED solution detailed above – a heated hose.) This comes in various lengths – but – I’ve always found 15 ft to be sufficient. Note: Wrapping your sewer hose too tightly may result in melting the sewer hose – this can result in a real mess! 


For your WINDOWS…

If you stay for prolonged periods in cold weather, this bubble wrap will significantly increase the degree of insulation you have with your windows – and light can still enter your camper! I’ve seen other approaches with (perhaps) better insulators, but the tradeoff is your camper becomes a dark cave.

This year, I am using some reflectix material for additional protection against the cold. Here’s what I purchased –

To affix the reflectix, I used this double-sided tape – which seems to hold up well against the cold and is easily removable…

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