Summer 2017 RV Reflections – and back on the road (soon) for Autumn…

summer 2017 rv
Casper in early autumn… and yes, it snowed last night on the mountain!

It has been a LONG, hot and in some ways arduous summer here in Casper, Wyoming. There was a BIG build up to the 150 second eclipse in late August, a near record string of 90+ days in July, and now in September, snow is falling just uphill from the town on the 24th! Now that Autumn is here, I will be posting more often.. and safe to say, I have LOTS to share!

I prepared this quick video on Sept 24 to share a few thoughts, and I continue below with more…

As soon as I have my new trailer (learn more HERE) I plan to be “on the road” again. Having completed my 3rd summer in RV consulting and sales, I’ve learned quite a bit – my next two videos and posts will address the cost of credit (good and bad, and good vs. bad) and the realities of trading in a RV – especially if you do it in the first 2-3 years of owning one.

I’ve had some folks ask me about renting before buying – I now have a viable option to recommend, and a viable option for RV owners to earn income by offering up their RV for rental while not in use. For RV owners, pay particular attention when you look into this the protections the company offers you and your RV to insure you’re not stepping into a quagmire.

outdoorsy rv rental
Click the above image to learn more about RENTING a RV OR making YOUR RV available for rental when its not in use

A few parting thoughts (for now)…

I expect to be more active here in the coming weeks – more posts, sharing more insights, more stories, so in general just more!

I sold my 5th wheel, so I’m in a “holding pattern” for now until I have “new digs” – more on that soon.

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To see PART 2 of this “mini-series” – RV Loans… click HERE.

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8 thoughts on “Summer 2017 RV Reflections – and back on the road (soon) for Autumn…”

  1. I’m betting on an Outdoors RV Manufacturing 5th wheel for your new rig. You like to learn more link didn’t work, but that’s ok. Glad you are back among us. I was wondering what happened to you,

    I have a few questions for you, but they can wait. Looking forward to your upcoming videos and information. Welcome back!

  2. Have benefited from your generous blog btw. I’m a solo 70 y/o female who has lived and traveled in my 17′ Casita for six years full time. And am unmercifully hooked. Can even stay overnight in a house anymore. Anyway…love the quality of the Casita not to mention, the convenience and comfort of smallness. My question: I bought my in excellent shape…it’s a 2013. How long do I keep it before I trade up?
    It’s still in excellent condition but don’t want to get to old. Not sure how to think about that. Thanks much, Jodi

    • Jodi, since we are now into the 2018 model year, and you have a 2013, you have a 5 yr old camper. It has stopped dropping in value “like a rock” (NADA provides the values that all lenders look at, hence they control the market). If there is nothing wrong with it, there is no reason to get rid of it for about 3-4 more years. Your value will only slowly decline until the 2023 models are released in summer 2022 and at that time, yours will be viewed as 10 years old and it is then far less desirable to a potential buyer. I’d sell no later than summer 2020 if it were me.


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