Starvation State Park – great name for a park, eh?

Starvation State Park, Utah

Whats in a name? According to Wikipedia,

There are various narratives explaining the name “Starvation”. One account describes a group of fur trappers stranded in harsh winter conditions who survived by stealing a local Native American cache of food, which resulted in their starvation. Another account tells the opposite story, with the Indians doing the stealing and the trappers starving.[1] A third story involves a local rancher who attempted to graze livestock in the area, and they all starved.[4] The most probable explanation for the name involves settlers in the early 1900s trying to survive along the banks of the Strawberry River, in the area now occupied by the reservoir. These settlers dealt with near-starvation in a hostile environment. Winters in the area are long and cold, and their livestock often died. The area’s short growing season was hindered by floods, hail, early frost and other problems. These settlers nicknamed the area Starvation.

A unique day in Starvation State Park…

A rainy day in the high desert – how rainy? Well, up to 2 inches today – thats about 20% of the ANNUAL rainfall if it happens!

So, I’ve been here for a few days and I can say with confidence, it’s a GREAT place. Situated at about 5500 ft, the late September weather (until today) has been quite mild (afternoon in 80’s; morning near 45). I camped in 2 areas while here – Indian Bay (primitive camping – not even a picnic table!!) and Beach Campground (water & electric with a paved site ON the beach – see video below).

Allow me to illustrate then continue with additional commentary below…

As I noted, I came here by way of Vernal, Utah. Let’s talk EATS first. Betty’s Cafe does a great breakfast. The Vernal Brewing Company (yes, you CAN find beer in Utah!) has a series of microbrews (I had to find a LOW hops brew – and they had it!) and good food. Vernal also has a well stocked Smiths – which is a good thing as when you head west, the next town of any real size is Heber City (about 100 miles). This may not sound all that far, but it is when you consider the WEALTH of GREAT camping opportunities between the two points.

In fact…

When I left Stalkups, my intent was get here and then work my way south towards Lake Powell in Southern Utah – before heading north to McCall Idaho for the winter. Based upon what I’m finding here in northern Utah, I may not make it much farther south before I turn and head to Idaho – which has its own great camping opportunities!

Vernal Utah Continued…

As I noted in my video, I walked in for a haircut and ran into one of the best Chiropractors I’ve ever visited! Jacob Swonger (Swonger Family Chiropractic, 435 414 9773) was VERY thorough and used some tools and techniques I’ve never seen before – and I’ve been under chiropractic care since I was in my early 20’s! So, yes, I strongly encourage you if you’re passing through Vernal – and need an adjustment, give him a call!

My actual intent that morning was a haircut – and Mark’s Old Towne Barber Shop (same location as Jacob’s office) was the place to go! Mark knows how to give a great haircut and you’ll hear some great hunting stories as well!

Incidentally, Vernal is a place you will likely pass through if you are heading south from the Flaming Gorge; heading north from Moab and Canyonlands; heading west from Colorado (dinosaur-lands and Steamboat Springs); heading east from where I am right now – including Salt Lake City, Heber City, Strawberry Reservoir (I’ll be camping there next week), and more!

Indian Bay Primitive Camping

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2 thoughts on “Starvation State Park – great name for a park, eh?”

  1. We stayed at Henry’s lake(ID),just outside of West Yellowstone,MT. Great place an the fishing was awesome! There is a nice state park but we stayed at Bill Fromme county park. Beautiful long sites with hardly any campers,right on the lake for just a donation.
    Visited Island Park and upper and lower Mesa falls which were quite scenic.

    • Thanks for the tip! I will look into Bill Fromme County Park; I’ve been to Henry’s, the sites are not along the waterfront, so, I’ll pass on those. There is a NFS campground not far from there that is about 7 miles outside of W Yellowstone that DOES have waterfront sites – its a bit tight for my RV, but I did make it in/out of there last year without incident.


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