An Early Opening to the Ski Season – and easy access to the slopes from my camper…

I posted a few days ago that I got out on my “skinny skis” on Nov 4th. Now, I’m planning to head to Solitude for OPENING DAY on November 11th – which is an INCREDIBLY early opening! The drive is only about 20 miles, and for now, yes, I’ll be driving as the ski-bus service does not start from “downtown” until December 11.

First Turns for the Season At Solitude Ski Resort – Nov. 11, 2022

The Weather is setting up for a GREAT opening day at Solitude Ski Resort

I’m starting this post on the evening of Nov. 9. It rained today (in town), but when I checked the weather up at Solitude, they received 26 – 35 inches of snow! AND… it was a “perfect” storm for this time of year. It started out WARM, which means the snow was really wet (wet slop.) This kind of snow creates a “cement like” layer over the ground which makes for a very strong base and is HIGHLY desirable for this time of year.

Further, it cooled down DURING the storm. So, after the first hours of snow accumulated a wet, sticky base; the snow gradually “dried out” turning into fluffy, powdery snow. Tonight, there’s another few inches of fresh pow collecting on the slopes and trails.

Gotta Love the Mountains – and PLENTY of snow – mid-winter conditions 11/11/2022

By Friday, opening day, the forecast is for abundant sunshine and temperatures in the teens during the day – PERFECT for an opening day! I will be there early and shoot some video that I will share here before making this post go live – so, you’re hearing my thinking now, two days before opening day; and then you’ll experience it with me as I break out my downhill skis and start my first season as a non-ski area affiliated instructor who is skiing (mostly) for his own pleasure and working on his own ski skills.

Should you find yourself in the Salt Lake Valley this winter and if you’d like to make some runs together, feel free to reach out! I’ll be glad to make some turns with you, and if you want me to work with you as a “free agent” to help you improve your technique, I’m sure we can make that happen as well!

Opening Day – aaaahhhhh!

Solitude’s Opening Day Plans

As for Solitude on opening day, they’ve announced they plan to open the lower mountain “green” (novice) slopes, however from experience in the ski industry, if the snow is as good and deep as I anticipate it will be, they may very well open more as the day progresses. After all, ski area operators are just like big kids and they want to open as much of the playground as possible, as fast as possible.

Ski Patrol Planning their day

Looking for WHERE to SKI and have your RV Camper nearby?

I *just* updated one of my landmark posts that shares numerous ski resorts across North America that are “rv’er friendly.” I share resorts where you’re either able to boondock at the resort itself and/or there are full-hookup campgrounds within a SHORT distance from the trails and slopes. You can find all this information RIGHT HERE.

Opening Day Crowds – yes, they’re ALL waiting to ride the lift

Final Thoughts on Opening Day at Solitude

YES, it was crowded and the parking lot was a s**t show, but the conditions were really great and it was really nice to get back on my downhill skis, especially after so few satisfying runs last winter. Much of the next two weeks will be on the dry side, but still cold, so, with snowmaking, Solitude will continue to expand their terrain and I expect to make several more visits to ski in the coming days.

Rumor has it that UTA Bus Route 972 will be starting up EARLY on Nov 17, so, that will save fuel in getting to/fro the ski hill. My skis are being stored on the mountain, and if I elect to go to another ski area, I have more skis!

All for now, but MUCH more to come soon. I’m updating my winter ski resorts post, and plan new content for the upcoming days.

Oh, and one more thing… do you like the video from my new dashcam?

My NEW dashcam

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