RV Repairs – What to Expect and How to Minimize the “bite” on your wallet

I’m glad I spent this past summer working at an RV dealer (in Wyoming) – it taught me to EXPECT equipment failures in my 5th wheel (as if I didn’t already KNOW it from 3+ years on the road!) As I watched the parade of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes pass through our service department, I resolved to get an extended warranty BEFORE I resumed my travel this autumn (which started on Sept 8). 

About 18 days after leaving Casper, I ran into trouble – I was in Lonesomehurst Campground, near West Yellowstone – attempted to raise my landing gear on my last morning, and FAILURE. They were slipping (the gears) so badly, I had to manually raise the landing gear – NOT a fun solution – especially since I had few alternatives as Lonesomehurst and West Yellowstone are among the most remote regions in our nation!

What did I do, and how did I proceed… this video tells the story – so, sit back, enjoy and then read below the video for some closing thoughts…

Concluding thoughts – 

When it comes to the inevitable repairs you’ll have to do on your RV, it all begins with preparation – mentally and with “protection”. In this case, I KNEW when the landing gear failed, it would be a month of ‘back and forth’ (at a minimum) to get them fixed. With that mindset, at least I was not going out of my mind when the repair sequence turned “non-linear”. Further, I had done my homework, my fifth wheel is nearing 4 years old, I KNOW there is more to be repaired ahead of me, so, I opted to get an “extended service contract” – but before I chose one, I insured that they would cover the most likely issues I anticipated running into AND they had a reputation for paying claims – this is something several do NOT score well on! My choice of an American Guardian warranty saved me OVER $500. – and on my first claim and only weeks after purchasing it!

As I mentioned in my video, I can help to get your RV covered should you wish a good warranty policy. Also, again, hats off the the folks I mention in my video at D&D RV and at Lippert. 

If you found this information helpful, please do leave a comment below – or if you wish to commiserate as you have experienced a ‘non-linear’ repair – feel free to leave a comment!

landing gear rv repair
RV Repairs – be prepared for a “non-linear” experience
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7 thoughts on “RV Repairs – What to Expect and How to Minimize the “bite” on your wallet”

  1. Alan,

    You touched on a “build list” for your RV. How does one obtain a “build list” for their RV? I assume if it’s new, and from a good manufacturer that the dealer might be able to provide it. Is it common to receive a build list for the RV when buying new?


  2. Alan,
    I stumbled across your blog (maybe on Pinterest) a few months ago and have really enjoyed your posts. Also, you will notice that my email address is steamboatbarnett@gmail.com – yes, Steamboat Springs, CO. I particularly liked reading your winter adventures here in Steamboat. My husband and I have lived in Steamboat for over 40 years and will start our RV full-time life next week – NOT IN THE SNOW! Glad you love it but we are so done with snow! Perhaps you met my husband, Cooper, the helpful hardware man at ACE Hardware.

    I wish I would have found your site before you left for Wyoming, but maybe we will cross paths somewhere down the line. We did the Idaho/Montana/Glacier/Yellowstone trip this August and thoroughly loved it. Our favorite camping spot was Georgetown Lake between Phillipsburg and Anaconda, MT. Loved Phillipsburg. Should have “bought a bag of rocks” to look for Montana sapphires, but we didn’t. Have been kicking ourselves ever since.

    Happy trails.

    Tracy Barnett

    • Tracy, thanks for reaching out. I was just in Phillipsburg,Mt! I was checking out a new place called Boulder Creek Lodge (cabins, rv park, restaurant) – great spot (and a post about it coming soon!) I’m now in Pollock, Idaho (canyon rv park – a neat place riverside 9 mi south of riggins). Heading for McCall over the weekend – thats where I’ll settle this winter. Al


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