Record COLD in Lava Hot Springs

12oF this morning! AND… a dusting of snow on October 9

Yep, Summer ended LESS THAN 3 weeks ago and this morning was BITTER COLD! It took me 10 minutes of warming the truck to free my frozen wipers and clear the windshield (I have a routine where I go for an early morning swim at the Olympic size pool center here in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

Lava Hot Springs is a nice little town about 30 minutes SE of Pocatello, Idaho. There are hot springs right in the center of town (multiple pools ranging from warm to super hot), along with some good restaurants.

I’m staying at the Lost Trail (formerly the Ranch Inn), located about 1 mile west of town. Its a VERY picturesque RV park and a 60’s style roadside motel. The new owners renamed the Ranch Inn to the Lost Trail, but much of the information online still leads you to the Ranch Inn.

I’m at a water/electric site, and the weekly rate is hard to beat – $100. I’m literally water-front (see my photos) and its a GREAT view of the nearby mountains stretching to 7000 ft.

  • Snow moving in from the Northwest

If you elect to stay in or near Lava Hot Springs, and I encourage you to do so, the Lost Trail (formerly Ranch Inn) motel/campground is a great place to make your home base. You’re relatively close to Pocatello which has a Fred Meyer grocery, a few good laundromats, a Safelite glass place (hey, this is rock chip country!), and some good eateries.

Lava Hot Springs is literally 1 mile down the road and in addition to what I mentioned earlier, the olympic (25 yard) INDOOR pool is open daily from 6am-9am for lap swimming and the water is about 90F.

Have you seen my latest expose on Fifth Wheel Trailers? This is a MUST SEE as I “name names”!

The sugar coating of snow this morning was “just right”. It made me feel like it was at least a month later than it is. This time in October, days should still be around 70F in the afternoon, today temperatures struggled to reach FREEZING! Fortunately, it WILL warm up – but it looks like temperatures will remain below normal (40’s and 50’s) for the next week or two – and frankly we’re running out of time for any warm weather before winter REALLY sets in!

I’m only about 100 miles (or less) from where I plan to settle for the winter in preparation for my time at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

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  1. Alan, you should write a book. I’ve got the title for it. It’s ‘The Western Travel Guide: Out of the Way Places for a Real Vacation.”



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