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After a “wordpress theme failure”, I decided to do a MAJOR refresh of RV Across America, so, since its just me – please bear with me as I construct a newer and better website! Your input and comments (as always) are welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Pardon Our Dust…”

  1. Re Extended Serv. Plans… Have you compared service plans? There are so many out there it’s hard to really go through each one. I enjoy your site, keep up the great job!

    • Yes, actually at our shop here in Wyoming, we have carried 4 prior to the company we currently use – all 4 failed to deliver, this one (AGWS) we have been with for 5 years now and they’re fair and honest – with the consumer and the repair shop. My service manager even complemented them the other day (probably regarding my overpriced refrigerator!) As to rates, if you want one, contact me at and I will get you a quote on your rig.


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