May 19 SNOW – such is RV life in the Northern Rockies!

Yes, I awoke to snow falling AND snow on the ground here in the valley. I’m still in Anaconda, Mt. Spring has definitely arrived. I even managed 1 day of kayaking (more on this soon!) But, we continue to have these “bouts” with arctic air bringing days (like today) where snow squalls roll through. When they do, temperatures drop from the “mild” 40’s to near freezing and this morning I awoke to snow on the grass outside my camper.

It’s amazing to me that this cold weather is occurring in the Northern Rockies at the same time that record heat is impacting the deep south and southeastern states. As I’m writing this, I see more clouds rolling in from the west and it looks like another heavy snow shower will arrive soon.

RV Life in Spring in the Northern Rockies

Life here is VERY elevation dependent. Here in Anaconda, I’m at about 5300 ft. Georgetown Lake (which JUST melted about 10 days ago) is at 6400 ft. That region received 2-4 inches of snow this morning. Even there, the roads (as one would expect) remained wet.

Snowline coming DOWN the mountains! But… the moisture is WELCOME

At this time of year, folks are traveling with campers throughout the region. I saw two in the half-mile trip I just took to get some McDonalds coffee! For those who venture to higher elevations (over 7000 ft.), significant snow can STILL occur well into June and the roads can even become snow covered – depending upon what time of day the snow falls.

Snowy landscape in the VALLEY on May 19

A couple of resources I personally use and recommend are Campground Reviews (free, enter the town where you wish to explore campgrounds and actual user reviews) and AllStays (a GREAT tool, but NOT free.) Allstays is best used on a desktop, laptop, or an iPhone. It is essentially a Google maps interface with LOTS of campground (and other traveler related) information.

Almost enough snow to scrape the windshield!

Upcoming Posts

In the VERY near future I will be releasing my thoughts on the frame failure issue that several (many?) rv’ers are talking about on YouTube. I will also introduce you to “health mines” in this region. Kayaking season has started! And I share the ideal kayak for RV travelers. I’m working on a few other things that I will talk about soon.

More building clouds – incoming snow squalls (and thunder??)

For now, enjoy the photos!

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