Its like someone flipped a switch! Full timing in the mountains means “be prepared”…

I arrived in McCall on Oct 28 and immediately felt pressure to get set up for the winter. This was not an ordinary winter camp – I’ve stayed in the mountains for each of the past 6 winters in a camper; this time however, I had a storage locker full of my “stuff” that had to be transferred into my new 5th wheel (much more on that soon!)

The first 4 days were stellar, and I knew that for McCall Idaho I was “on borrowed time”. Afternoons were mild (55-65) and the days were generally sunny. I even managed to get in a few sessions on Payette Lake – as late as Oct 31 in my kayak (see below).

As you saw in my brief video above, it was a very tranquil day on the lake BUT the clouds told a story. McCall is only about 400 – 450 miles from the Pacific Coast and the clouds were a sign of a major change about to happen in the weather. The sun rose the next morning, November 1, but it was not visible through a thick layer of clouds.

By later on the 2nd of November, temperatures were near freezing and it began to snow, but the real snow came on the 3rd when about 6 inches fell in big, wet flakes! I shot some video from inside my new camper on the morning of Friday November 3rd showing off the rapidly accumulating snow – so rapidly in fact, I was able to go cross-country skiing on November 4! Here are few photos below…

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Yesterday, the 4th was a spectacular (and chilly) morning. Temperatures were in the low 20’s – perfect for some time out on the golf course (skiing)! Today as I write this from a local coffee house, its snowing (again) – about another 3 inches (so far). With a 2nd cross-country session this morning, kayaking on Payette Lake just 5 short days ago is a fading memory.

Brundage is reporting over 16 inches of snow in the past 3 days and opening day grows close – perhaps VERY close! I’m going to return to my camper, shoot some video around the outside and begin to share details with you about what I bought – and why. Stay tuned!


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5 thoughts on “Its like someone flipped a switch! Full timing in the mountains means “be prepared”…”

  1. I’m originally from NH so I know about cold weather. I’ve been on the road eighteen years now. The reason I have a home on wheels is I love it. The second reason is I can follow the sun. I suggest most of you do the same. It makes a lot of sense to plan ahead believe me.

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your winter prep. I was rushed to the hospital in Billings Mt while waiting for RV repairs so we are wintering here in our new Winnebago 5th Wheel. We had help buttoning it up.

    • Eileen,

      My website has an entire section on preparing for winter (and more is coming)! You can search for it from my home page
      The MOST important thing right now is to make sure your trailer does not freeze up – keep the propane filled & running!

      Also – are you all set with an extended service contract?



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