Earning a Living “On The Road” from your RV – Part 2

Earning a Living From your RV…


When it comes to earning a living “on the road” from your RV, lets stipulate two things:

  • It CAN be done
  • You need to begin by assessing your likes and strengths

This is part 2 of a 3 part series – Part 1 can be found HERE.

Lets begin with a few thoughts in the video below and then pick up with a few summarizing notes and links from the resources I refer to in the video…

Key points to earning an income on the road from your RV…

  • MY story will be different from YOUR story
  • I prefer to mix high income strategies through part of the year with high activity strategies at other times.
  • I mix in leveraged and residual income strategies – and over time, these will contribute more and more to my overall income picture

Earning a Living On The Road – tips

Resources to help you Achieve YOUR story…

  • indeed.com – a large database of employers who are looking for good employees in all areas, you can narrow your search to just what you want by using the tools within their site (here’s a “work from anywhere” link on Indeed
  • coolworks.com – interested in camp hosting? working at a resort? national park? alternative jobs like back country / rafting guides? then you definitely want to visit this site!
  • RedPeg Talent – this is a company that hires people to work shows and events.  For example, if there is a few day event that comes to a town or city, this company hires people to work that event promoting whatever booth they need help at. Years ago I did this for a couple of days working to show off Apple and represent the brand.
  • Various state/national park/national forest service and bureau of land management (BLM) sites. Here are a few:
  • Gate Guard Jobs for RV’ers

To find state parks, begin looking at the state parks website for each state you’re considering. While openings can be found year-round, if you want to host in the summer, you should be looking into this in December or January! A few additional things to know about hosting – in many (most?) cases, the position is UNPAID. (Note – some private campgrounds will allow you to host and pay you for additional duties such as working in the camp store.) Also – be sure you know what they expect! Will you need to clean bathrooms? shovel out fire pits? deliver/sell wood? perform maintenance tasks? You may also wish to visit various facebook rv groups (including mine HERE) to ask if anyone has visited the park or hosted in it before – get feedback! Additionally, ask the rangers if your rig will fit in the site, if the roads are conducive towards your accessing the park (I’ve seen some real narrow roads both approaching and in parks – and if you’re in 30+ feet, you MUST ask!!) Lastly, ask how primitive the site/area is – eg – will you have full hookups (NEVER assume!!), is there phone access? wifi? nearest grocery store? To me at least, these are concerns!

earning a living on the road
Click HERE for Part 1 in this series

Thoughts on passive (residual) income will be shared in my next post and video – as I indicated in my video, there are MANY options only one of which is the “notorious” network (MLM) marketing. When it comes to a RV based business, in general, you need a plan – which may include online marketing skills (increasingly important these days!)

My next post (the 3rd in this series) will also take a critical look at MLM… what the truth is, after cutting through all the hype and (well, you know what.) HERE is part 3

While you’re here – please feel free to share your 2 cents below AND check my new banner for CoachNet on the main page – a VERY worthwhile service for ALL RV’ers. 

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    • It would depend upon the management at each campground. You should inquire – and – perhaps be prepared to pay them a fee for using their facility.


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