And the BEST RV Manufacturers are…

Best RV Manufacturers

Recently I and 10 other experienced RV bloggers were contacted by the good folks at RVINGPLANET. We were each asked to provide a brief essay detailing which manufacturer makes the BEST RV’s (and why.) Never at a loss for words, I shared my thoughts and yesterday (Oct 5) they were published in the following article. To see what each of the 11 experienced RV bloggers selected as the best RV manufacturer, click the image below to access their article – and yeah, I have to crow a bit, look at who’s essay was posted first!

best RV manufacturers
Click the image to read the entire RVINGPLANET article

Hey, before you go, just a few quick things…

  • I am STILL working on my “trading your RV” post – look for it real soon! Its part of my ‘mini series’ which includes a well received post on RV LOANS
  • I’m going to have LOTS of great stories soon as I get back “on the road”
  • Not sure what type of RV to purchase? Have you considered RENTING some before buying? It may solve an issue that I address in my next post! Also, got a RV and want it to make money FOR you while you’re not using it? THESE FOLKS are worth looking into in either of these two situations – let me know what you think if you use their services.

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13 thoughts on “And the BEST RV Manufacturers are…”

  1. Hi Allen.
    You state in your description of the Outdoors RV that Luan is used for the backing of the block foam insulation. Is it possible to have Azdel used instead?

    • First lets say i’m 95% sure its Luan – to be sure, call the manufacturer. Second, whatever they’re using, i’m quite sure they can not/will not change it for 1 trailer. You are certainly free to ask them for further consideration. If you want a truly custom trailer, get a new horizons, be prepared to spend $200k+ and need a freightliner or F450/F550 to pull it.

      • I did contact Outdoors RV. They use Luan. That kind of bums me out. My wife and I are looking for the right RV to go full time in. The Glacier Peak is at the top of our list for its small footprint and good construction. But it can be the little things that lead to big frustrations down the road.

  2. Tried again
    Rving planet wants me to download and subscribe. Wish this was just a simple one click function to get to the article. I don’t wish to subscribe and buy anything. Sorry, no patience here for this.

    • I hear ya, I don’t know why RVING PLANET allows me to click off the “banner” and you seem locked in on it. I encourage you to click the upper right corner of the banner asking for email and subscription – it has allowed me to skip entering an email.

      • I tried yet again. There is no banner. When I click on Rving planet square with pictures of bloggers, what comes up is their download their worksheet and subscribe box. There is no banner to click on. It’s download their worksheet with a black screen behind, no alternative. I’ve tried it every which way.

        If I click below on your website for your Oct 6 post, I get your intro video again and again.
        I give up!

        How about just emailing a list to me? Names of manufacturers. Or something. This is more than frustrating. Sorry. Too convoluted.

          • That worked! Thank you!!! I NEVER would have seen that faint X otherwise. I call that stuff website trickery, and it ticks me off. Making the X almost impossible to see isn’t playing fair, in my book.

            Thank you for your help. Interesting article!

  3. Every time I click on the video, whether it’s on your page or RVingPlanet, it takes me right back to your introduction video. Going in frustrating circles here. I click on the links on the side, and I’m back here, too. No matter what I do, I end up in this endless loop back to your opening video.

  4. Hi Alan,
    With Northwood being the parent company for Outdoors RV, do you know if their units built with the same features? I’m guessing that you checked them out, also, in your search for a new fifth wheel?

    • Same chassis, they then “ship” it across town to the Outdoors RV plant where everything is unique to Outdoors RV – and not as the “northwood brands” are built. Frankly, they are built as well in the walls and roof and better in the interior. I did look at the Arctic Fox but they do not make a 5th wheel with dual opposing slides in the same size as the Glacier Peak 30RLS (34’11” real bumper to hitch length.) The 32-5 AF is too long and the 29-5 does not have dual opposing slides.

  5. I can’t access the article. I keep getting taken in circles back to your original post, but not the actual article. This is frustrating! I went to your .net website, clicked on the article, and keep getting brought back here again. Aargh! Same happened when I clicked on the link on the video.

    • Judith, I have my page for this post set to open the RVINGPLANET article in a new tab of your browser – it should move you there when you click on the small image that says ‘click on the image to read article’. Let me know if this helps.


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