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  1. I have a 2015 VanLeigh Vilano 5th wheel and when I purchased it came with a residential type refrigerator electric only no gas operation option. Is there some reason for this? I have owned 3 other RV’s and they all came with dual operation.

    • Mark,

      Yes, they opted for a residential because they’re cheaper – ALOT cheaper. I for one am NOT sold on residential fridges in RV’s, but you have what you have. I looked at VanLeigh and rejected it for several reasons for myself. Residential fridges will limit your ability to dry camp (no electric) unless you have great solar power or a generator. Al

    • Welcome to the world of RV’ing! What kind of 5th wheel are you planning to purchase? (Feel free to call upon me for assistance in this or any other area of rv’ing.) Al

    • Mark,

      They are deficient where it matters – start with a 54 gallon fresh water tank – compare that to 82 gallons in Glacier Peak (Outdoors RV) or Arctic Fox. Why it matters – if you dry camp, the extra 28 gallons means 1-3 days MORE out in the field.

      On the rest – I believe this to be the case: VanLeigh does NOT have shocks on the axles, does not mention the tires they use (not a good sign), appears to not have a metal plate above the tires (protecting the interior), appears to not use fiberglass on the underside of the slideouts. These are all important engineering features as far as I’m concerned.

      My vote: Until these things change, I can’t consider VanLeigh (not to mention the ONLY vilano I’d ever consider is the shortest one – the others are simply too long.


  2. T hanks for the feedback. I find myself getting lost with all the information that you have on your site. I shared it with friends and they enjoy it also.

    • Thanks, could it be organized differently to help? Now as to 5th wheel campers – your two best bets in my view (for reasonable length and price) are Outdoors RV & Arctic Fox. Al

  3. Al: You may have answered this already but I didn’t find it. I have drum brakes and was considering changing them to disc. Is it worth the hassle and expense?

    • Mark,

      I’d check with a few service managers and ask that question. My gut feeling – there’s nothing wrong with drum brakes, I’d leave them be as I suspect its an expensive switch.


  4. Hi Alan my name is Craig I am interested in buying a Artic Wolf 245 Rk what do you think is it good or bad buy

    • Craig,

      Funny you should ask me about the Arctic Wolf. I’m planning a post in the coming weeks that names a manufacturer as potentially being the “worst of the worst” – and in the RV industry THAT is quite an accomplishment as there are several fighting in the “race to the bottom”. Recently I ran across an article where 1 manufacturer in particular succeeded in garnering over a quarter-MILLION dollars in fines for shoddy construction & workmanship – again an accomplishment in a largely UN-regulated industry. I bet you can see where I’m heading… look up who manufacturers Arctic Wolf – yep, its THEM – the winner of that fine and in my view the TRUE bottom of the barrel. This company is so sleazy, they named their product to sound similar to a quality company (Arctic Fox) – in my view they’re hoping to dupe some folks into thinking they’re one in the same.

      Sorry to be so direct – but – you DID ask! In summary, its worthless at ANY price. If you’re looking for a 28 ft (or so) rear kitchen 5th wheel and want a quality product, I do offer a buying service – http://rvAcrossAmerica.net/buysell – review the info and contact me if interested and we can find you a QUALITY trailer at the right price.


  5. Do you have any information on wifi boosters or ways to get decent wifi when your on the road. As you know most campground wifi is very poor. Thanks Mark Schad

    • Mark,

      I have 2 solutions – get a verizon phone and Foxfi to tether it to your laptop. Foxfi is a phone app. Get an unlimited data plan with Vz. Alternately (and this is NOT how this device is intended to be used) – get a ATT Harman Spark and install it into your camper.

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