Buying or Selling a RV Camper? A Concierge Service…

Buying an RV camper? Help is here!

Camping is LOTS of fun and a great family (or individual) lifestyle – whether as a weekend warrior or as a full time traveler, but lets face it, the process of selecting and buying a camper has many potential pitfalls.

In an industry where MOST RV campers (trailers and motorhomes) are built to very low standards and many dealers resort to actions that are designed to simply extract more of your hard earned money from you there has to be a better way!

RV Buying Guide…

RV Across America(.net) Concierge RV Buying (and selling) Service

Allow me to introduce you to our Concierge RV Buying (and Selling) Service. Looking to buy a camper (trailer or motorhome) but you’re not sure which brands (manufacturers) are best to go with, what length is optimal for your use, and the relative attributes of various floor plans?

RV Concierge Service – Have an RV Buying Guide “by your side”…

We’re here to help you with the process by becoming your “guide by your side” and when it comes to identifying “the one” that meets your needs (and budget), we’re here to act as your negotiator and more!

Simply put, with our RV Buying Service we will assist you at all stages of the purchase – including navigating the myriad of fees some dealers try to charge and… advising you on what offers the dealer may present at your closing that you should consider or reject outright – and what these offers should cost. (Be sure to check our reviews at the end of this post.)

During our initial conversation, we will discuss your wants, needs and budget, along with the geographic reach of our search for your new (or used) camper. We will have a frank discussion about which campers (brands) are well made and which are worth avoiding with no bias of having inventory on one particular lot that’s “gotta go.”

You see, when it comes to finding the RIGHT camper for you, we’re not limited to any one dealer and the campers on their lot – our search for your ideal camper can be nationwide if you like! We’re also going to have a talk about “new” vs. “used” campers and which path may be best for you.

When it comes to camping and RV campers – we have experience

Alan, the developer of our RV Buying Service has been a full time traveler since December 2011 and has been active in RV Consulting and Sales for the past 9 years now. He knows which campers are worth your hard earned money – and which are not AND what you should be paying for it – whether new or used.

outdoors rv glacier peak F30RLS
Alan has been living and traveling full time for 9+ year now!

To learn more about the camper Alan selected for himself AND what he looked at in its design and engineering that matters – click HERE. To gain a sense of who Alan is and his depth of knowledge and experience, please review the posts right here on RV Across

Through our RV Buying Service, we WILL negotiate the BEST deal for you on the camper YOU want.

We will contact the seller (whether it’s a dealer OR private individual) on your behalf and simply put, get you the BEST possible deal. We will also advise you on after-market options – you know, the ones you’re hit with in the dealers finance office. Some are worth considering, some are not. We can also provide advice on obtaining a RV loan and what a good loan looks like.

Our Concierge Buying (and Selling) Service can literally save you thousands.

Quoting Alan, “Effectively, what I do is become your advisor and your advocate. Unlike an rv salesman, I do not have any inventory staring at me outside my office – so when we talk, I help you identify the right camper for YOUR needs – and in doing so, avoid all the absolute JUNK made in this industry (especially in the towable world.)

Then, I go to work for you, locate the camper, and then negotiate for you. I’m a good negotiator – I know what these things can sell for AND I’m not emotionally invested in the purchase. So… in that sense, I keep YOU in check! (and save you $ in the process.)
“I’ve been in the industry, so, i bring my experience to the table.”

Our Concierge RV Buying Service Fee…

Our fee? Its simple – $625. one time fee and we become your consultant, ‘your guide by your side, who also has your back’, and negotiator through the entire buying process! Interested? Contact us at or text us at 307 269 2546 and we will call you back.

Selling a Camper?

Lastly, if you have a camper and want to sell it, don’t trade it in and lose big time on a dealer’s offer. Dealers often “hide” what they’re really giving you for your trade!) We will get you far more by selling it privately.

Here’s how it works – you supply us photos of your camper, we will have a frank discussion to set a realistic price for your camper and then we will proceed to post effectively worded and structured ads for you to get it sold.

The prospective buyers initial contact will come to us. We will answer the prospective buyers questions and screen them to insure they’re serious AND qualified – and NOT scammers! For those who are, we will pass them onto you to let them see the camper. When it comes to negotiation, we’re there to assist right up to the point where the buyer is handing you cash! Our fee for selling your camper is a one time $750. fee.

A special offer if you’re SELLING then BUYING…

If you’re looking to sell your camper and then buy a new camper, we will handle both transactions for a fee of $1250. 

Does our Concierge Buying and Selling service sound fair to you?

Feel free to contact us at or via text at 307 269 2546.

how to buy or sell a RV camper
Buying (or selling) RV Camper advice here at RV Across America (.net) – Gotta Love the RV’ing lifestyle!

Be sure to check out reviews of our RV Buying Service posted below by our highly satisfied clients…

179 thoughts on “Buying or Selling a RV Camper? A Concierge Service…”

  1. If you’re reading this you’re thinking you don’t want to pay someone because you can find the best price. No you can’t. Al Sills helped us find the brand and model that suited our needs. He then went to work to help us understand the market. Then we got lists to review. After we decided on the camper and the seller, Al calls them to work the deal with our agreed upon price/offer. Most dealers know Al (private sellers may not). When Al calls they know he has a buyer lined up. So easy! In our case the internet price was easily a great deal. Al got the dealership to offer us a price that easily paid for the concierge service (3X over). Amazing. Easy. Stress-free. He was a sounding board, answering our questions, telling us what to expect at the dealer (he nailed it!)

  2. Alan assisted us to sell our travel trailer after we had attempted to do so on our own without success. The ad he created was very descriptive and he assisted us with improved pictures oof the trailer. He was quick to respond to all my questions and guided us through the process in detail to sale completion.

  3. This was my first time selling a vehicle. A friend recommended Alan. Working with Alan to sell my campervan was one of my best decisions. He did research, all of the advertising, vetting of potential buyers, and quickly answering all of my questions about the process. All of it was stress free for me. I highly recommend working with him.

  4. Alan recently helped me sell my RV, and it was such a relief to have someone help me through the process. Despite the process taking several months, he was always very attentive and supportive. Alan made the process of selling my RV smooth and almost effortless. Thank you so very much!

  5. Used Alan twice. Once to buy our rig and once to sell it. Worked great both times, particularly the selling part. It is a tough market right now but he sorted the wheat from the chaff. Deal closed in short order. Well done


  6. Dear Alan, I simply do not have words to express my gratitude for your help. You did everything and even more so that I could buy an RV that was created especially for me. Your understanding of the market, simply enormous knowledge of RVs of almost all models and the best years of manufacture, is incredible!!!!! Your great patience and your wisdom with which you never tired continued to answer my endless silly and not quite questions. The right decision, which you do not imposed, but simply recommended to me from the bottom of your heart. Dear Alan, thank you very much, without you, I would not have been able to find exactly right RVwhat suited me. Your phone number is now on my speed dial list.
    I RECOMMEND Alana Sills to anyone looking to buy, trade, or just learn more about RVs in particular, as well as the RV lifestyle.
    Thank you very much again and all the best to you Alan.
    Safe Travels to you my Friend


  7. I used the concierge service and it worked great for me. Alan negotiated a deal that everyone was happy with. I would use the service again.

  8. Alan’s concierge selling service was worth every penny. He made the process of selling our toy hauler easy. In this difficult selling market, he guided us to a swift and successful sale. Seems like cheating!

  9. Alan helped me over the course of many months and MANY questions to determine what would be the best purchase for me. He is very knowledgeable and while I didn’t use him as a broker per se, he helped me decide what kind of truck and trailer would be best to suit my needs. He patiently answered all of my questions from a place of great experience. I’m glad to have him on my side!

  10. Alan has an immense amount of expertise while also providing support in a very personal way throughout the buying process. His knowledge and time was absolutely invaluable for us when buying our first RV; especially when it was out of state . It’s hard to imagine having gone through the whole process of buying without his support. Thank you Alan!!

  11. Alan just helped us buy a very nice Outdoors RV. We are particularly appreciative for all of Alan’s knowledge and help. He understands every aspect of the buy and sell process.

    We will always reach out to Alan to buy or sell our RV’s because we will simply have had a much better, cost effective experience with his guidance, insights and support.

    Alan deserves the recognition of being the best in the industry.

    Alan, Thank you again! Robert and Elizabeth.


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