May 1st SNOW… RV Life in SW Montana

I’m writing this on the first of May. In 7 weeks, the solstice will occur and the sun will reach its highest point in the sky for the year. AND… today it snowed!

I started my day with my “typical” routine. A swim and a soak at Fairmont Hot Springs. After overnight temperatures dropped to 23F, it was a relatively balmy 36F when I arrived at the hot springs.

May 1st and the snowline appears to be DROPPING!

When I completed my routine at Fairmont, I left and started the 10 mile drive back to Anaconda. I noticed two things, even though it was about 11am, the temperature was only 38F. Further, I saw “showers” building and the clear signs of SNOW showers falling in and near Anaconda.

When I reached town, I decided to extend my drive a few miles west of town. There is a slight rise (a few hundred feet at most) as you proceed west of Anaconda. The weather deteriorated rapidly as I proceeded west. At times it was snowing heavily – and it began to stick on the grass! It was approaching noon and the temperature had dropped to 28F. Again – its MAY 1st!!

Later a heavy snow shower coated my campsite with a (temporary) light covering of snow. Its been windy and cold all day.

Upcoming Posts

I’m working on a few posts. I was moved to talk about RV tires after what I saw on I-90 yesterday on my way back from Butte to Anaconda. I’m also working on an article on Health Mines and yet more tips for RV buyers. Lastly, I’m thinking about a new, updated post about RV loans.

Quick Update on the RV Industry

March and April were strong months for my Concierge RV Buying and Selling Service. April saw more sellers than buyers. Nationally, RV sales (especially towables) picked up in April (somewhat) and JD Powers May 1st update reflects that with a modest bump in used RV camper values.

In my own business, I’m still not seeing lots of competition for the trailers I’ve recommended to my clients who are buyers. As a result, despite the bump in “book values”, I plan to negotiate aggressively for my clients.

If you already have an RV camper, may I suggest some great accessories?

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