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earning a living on the road
Look for this guy in Meeteetse, Wyoming!

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8 thoughts on “RV Lifestyle and How to Earn a Living on the Road”

    • Lyle, thanks for reaching out. As you saw in my article, Send Out Cards is essentially a “business in a box” – you are paying for a business that is all but “ready to go” when you begin to market their product. That said, it is most definitely for entrepreneurs – especially those who do not want to be promoting the latest “miracle lotion, potion, or pill” as is the case with many “home based businesses”.

      Earning money on the road is really up to your ingenuity and drive – if you’re not entrepreneurial, get a job – do something you enjoy or can do to earn money, do it for a while and then move on. If you’re handy, offer repair services. Essentially its up to you – make a list of things you’re good at and then determine what people will pay you for that you’re good at (or enjoy).

      There is also a post on my page that talks about RV Jobs (its an e-book) and is available for just a few bucks – that may give you more ideas.


  1. I have been a handspinner for 12 plus years and it is my only skill. I have bad painful feet, no college degrees. My yarns are nice but I can’t see making a living with them.
    Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

    • Robin,

      I feel really good about this company – http://alansills.com/promptings/ – it is a program you can work from home with and yet provides something that I think we need more of – a way to reach out in kindness to others. If you like what you see, I can help you with it. Feel free to call me (561 676 1205) and we can talk.



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