Buying or Selling a RV Camper? A Concierge Service…

Buying a camper? Help is here!

Camping is LOTS of fun and a great family (or individual) lifestyle – whether as a weekend warrior or as a full time traveler, but lets face it, the process of selecting and buying a camper has many potential pitfalls.

In an industry where MOST RV campers (trailers and motorhomes) are built to very low standards and many dealers resort to actions that are designed to simply extract more of your hard earned money from you there has to be a better way!

RV Across America(.net) Concierge Buying (and selling) Service

Allow me to introduce you to our Concierge Buying (and Selling) Service. Looking to buy a camper (trailer or motorhome) but you’re not sure which brands (manufacturers) are best to go with, what length is optimal for your use, and the relative attributes of various floor plans?

RV Buying Help is here…

We’re here to help you with the process by becoming your “guide by your side” and when it comes to identifying “the one” that meets your needs (and budget), we’re here to act as your negotiator and more!

Simply put, we will assist you at all stages of the purchase – including navigating the myriad of fees some dealers try to charge and… advising you on what offers the dealer may present at your closing that you should consider or reject outright – and what these offers should cost.

During our initial conversation, we will discuss your wants, needs and budget, along with the geographic reach of our search for your new (or used) camper. We will have a frank discussion about which campers (brands) are well made and which are worth avoiding with no bias of having inventory on one particular lot that’s “gotta go.” You see, when it comes to finding the RIGHT camper for you, we’re not limited to any one dealer and the campers on their lot – our search for your ideal camper can be nationwide if you like! We’re also going to have a talk about “new” vs. “used” campers and which path may be best for you.

When it comes to camping and RV campers – we have experience

Alan has been a full time traveler since December 2011 and has been active in RV Consulting and Sales for the past 5 years now. He knows which campers are worth your hard earned money – and which are not AND what you should be paying for it – whether new or used.

outdoors rv glacier peak F30RLS
This is the 5th wheel Alan lives and travels in.

To learn more about the camper Alan selected for himself AND what he looked at in its design and engineering that matters – click HERE. To gain a sense of who Alan is and his depth of experience, please review the posts right here on RV Across

We WILL negotiate the BEST deal for you on the camper YOU want.

We will contact the seller (whether it’s a dealer OR private individual) on your behalf and simply put, get you the BEST possible deal. We will also advise you on after-market options – you know, the ones you’re hit with in the dealers finance office. Some are worth considering, some are not. We can also provide advice on obtaining a RV loan and what a good loan looks like.

Our Concierge Buying (and selling) Service can literally save you thousands.

Quoting Alan “Effectively what I do is become your advisor and your advocate. Unlike an rv salesman, I do not have any inventory staring at me outside my office – so when we talk, I help you identify the right camper for YOUR needs – and in doing so, avoid all the absolute JUNK made in this industry (especially in the towable world.)

Then, I go to work for you, locate the camper, and then negotiate for you. I’m a good negotiator – I know what these things can sell for AND I’m not emotionally invested in the purchase. So… in that sense, I keep YOU in check! (and save you $ in the process.)
I’ve been in the industry, so, i bring my experience to the table.”

Concierge RV Buying Service Cost…

Our fee? Its simple – $600. one time fee and we become your consultant, ‘guide by your side’, and negotiator through the entire buying process! Interested? Contact us at or text us at 307 269 2546 and we will call you back.

Selling a Camper?

Lastly, if you have a camper and want to sell it, don’t trade it in and lose big time on a dealer’s offer. (They often “hide” what they’re really giving you for your trade!) We will get you far more by selling it privately.

Here’s how it works – you supply us photos of your camper, we will have a frank discussion to set a realistic price for your camper and then we will proceed to post effectively worded and structured ads for you to get it sold – LOCALLY.

The prospective buyers initial contact will come to us. We will answer the prospective buyers questions and screen them to insure they’re serious AND qualified. For those who are, we will pass them onto you to let them see the camper. When it comes to negotiation, we’re there to assist right up to the point where the buyer is handing you cash! We charge the same fee for selling your camper as above – a one time $600. fee.

A special offer if you’re SELLING then BUYING…

If you’re looking to sell your camper and then buy a new camper, we will handle both transactions for a fee of $1000.

Does our Concierge Buying and Selling service sound fair?

Feel free to contact us at or via text at 307 269 2546.

how to buy or sell a RV camper
Buying (or selling) RV Camper advice here at RV Across America (.net) – Gotta Love the RV’ing lifestyle!

34 thoughts on “Buying or Selling a RV Camper? A Concierge Service…”

  1. Alan made the process painless and as simple as it could have been. Best of all, he steered us away from a camper brand known for poor build quality and into one that is well built. Our family loves it and looking forward to many weekend warrior adventures!

  2. Al’s service is a must for anyone looking for a new RV. Throughout the process he was thorough in gathering our needs and offered practical and thoughtful advice. His experience in the industry helped steer us towards the best brands (and away from the others).

    Al’s real value came through in finding the best price and negotiating the deal. This was a huge timesaver for us to not have to play phone tag with seven different dealerships, but that’s not even the best part. Al’s experience on the other side of the table is the secret weapon that cuts through all the sales BS. No having to wait while the sales person has to “talk with my manager” or listen to them tell you about how they would “lose money at that price” or all the other sales tactics. Al handles all of that and helps to separate fact from fiction.

    We ended up in a better unit than we had been looking at initially and that would have been worth Al’s fee by itself. As it was, the financial return on our investment in the Concierge Buying Service was over 500%!

    • Jenn, Fred,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I trust you will enjoy years of great camping in your new camper. It’s been a very busy month! I’ve served several folks, helping them with the purchase of both new and used campers – of all types. Al

  3. Alan has been a pleasure working with you! You got me a great deal on a wonderful unit. Your advice was taken into consideration with my final decision. I know that the extra 5ft would’ve been nice to live in, but a bear to pull amd handle. The 35ft Vanleigh Vilano is just what I thought it was gonna be and nothing less! I get nothing but compliments on it. Thank you for your expertise and your advice. If I know anyone ever in the market for an RV, I will surely send them your way. Hope to see you at a campsite someday.

  4. Just made 2 huge rookie in a hurry mistakes. The new truck & new travel trailer.

    Been in it 3 weeks, LOVE the camping life and want to do it full time.

    Lots went into how we got here, but are immediately thinking we want a bigger 5th wheel and subsequently also a bigger truck.

    Wondering how we can minimize the pain or if we should just suck it up and live with what we have.

    • Hmmm… Evie, Evie, Evie! Well, to offer advice of any real value to you, I need specifics. What is the year/make/model of the truck? Trailer? Is the truck diesel? long bed/short bed? What did you pay for each – the truck and the trailer? When you say you want “bigger” in a 5th wheel – what aspect of your 5th wheel is too small? Storage? Living space? If so, specifically where is the deficiency? With all this I can likely assess how much its going to cost to fix this. Al

  5. Hello , I’m looking to trade my 2019 Forest River brookstone 301R for something that has a bunk house. And thinking about TT instead of 5TH Wheel. I own it out right ,paid cash in October of this year. Only slept in it 2 times. Now that I sold my house I would like to get rid of 5th wheel and get into TT with BH. And something in the 35ft range. my question is I don’t want to come out of pocket for new trailer. What should we do ? I bought a new dodge 2500 3 months ago and don’t even have the hitch in it yet.

    • Robert,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be glad to be of assistance, but I need to ensure I’m looking at the right camper. You state the “Brookstone 301R”, could it be the “Coachmen Brookstone 310RL”? I can’t find a 301, but I did find the 310. Also, is your dodge a diesel or a gas vehicle?


  6. We were not new to RV purchasing as previous owners of a travel trailer and a class C. But for some reason moving into a 40+ foot diesel pusher was very intimidating for us. Prices didn’t match book value, but some were worth a higher price than others. It was confusing.
    Then we found Al! His knowledge and experience instantly gave us confidence. He contacted the sellers, got the history on each one, called “B.S.” on some of the dealers, and ultimately found the perfect rig for us. We told him what price we were comfortable with, he talked with the seller, and he got us the deal we hoped for. He recommended this rig after he spoke with the owner and listened to the details on how it was taken care of. Now we own this beautiful Beaver Patriot Thunder!
    Thanks Al!

  7. Thank you Alan and team!!
    We should have sent this sooner. We are very ecstatic with how things went so smoothly not only with the sell of our motor home but also the purchase of our fifth wheel, Arctic Fox 35-5Z.
    We we’re very impressed with Alan’s product and industry knowledge. A great negotiator on both sells and purchasing. We certainly would have made some bad choices without his help. It took less than two months to have both RV sold and purchase of a fifth wheel that we love. It would have taken less if we hadn’t needed to work with warranty repairs on the motor home. The website has become a regular routine check. Full of great useful information that we have learned to trust..

    Thanks again Alan
    George and Cheri Wood

  8. We purchased a new travel trailer using Alan. Alan got us a good price and a good dealer. I have bought a lot of equipment over the years as a fleet manager. This was my first RV purchase. Nearest dealers were 900 miles away and I know there are many games played in purchasing a RV from a dealer. I saw quite by accident Alan’s concierge service. I called Alan several times and discussed RV issues. Thought it over and took the plunge with Alan. Best thing I could have done for this purchase. I got a good price, a good dealer and no pressure to buy things I didn’t need. Best money I have spent in a long time.
    Thanks Alan!
    Randy & Debra Cameron

  9. I wish I had known about Alan before I bought my first 5th wheel. When I decided it was larger than I needed or wanted to drive and squeeze into camping spots he was there to help. He knows where and how to advertise. He sent me 3 interested parties and the second one to look at it purchased, and were very easy to work with. I wanted something more nimble but well made. He suggested several brands and I did some research on line. He pays attention to what you want and sends listings to check out. The one I chose was a 2006 Coach House Class B with 2 slides, used 4 times with 1,360 miles. He negotiated a great price and the rest was easy.
    He was always available to me by e-mail or phone to answer any questions and give advice. He has made selling and buying an enjoyable experience.
    Lynne in Astoria OR

  10. When joining your buying/selling concierge, does it matter how old our 5th wheel is? We have a 1999 Jayco Eagle 263 ( 28ft. ) 1 slide out, it to has leaf springs and shocks all around and very heavy duty frame. Not sure about the internal walls, as far as insulation, we’ve only had the camper a couple months. We eventually want to upgrade to a 33ft. with at least 1 more slide out, Will be towing atv’s behind us, approx. 10-12ft. additional.

    • Hello Ward, Leslie,

      Yes I can help with the sale of your Jayco 263 (and the subsequent purchase of an upgraded trailer.) Please feel free to call me (307 269 2546) or email me privately at I’d like to know how much you would like to get for your current trailer and what kind of budget you’re willing to commit to an upgrade. Also – how many people are going to be traveling with it. And… lastly – what truck you’re planning to use to tow the upgraded trailer. Al

      • Morning Al, Ward Leslie again, and have a question for you. When it comes time for us to upgrade our fifth wheel and are planning on having you help us with that. It will be just my wife and I 80% of the time and pulling it with a 2010 GMC 2500hd ( gas ) set up for heavier pulling, ( off road package ) what do you think of the Heartland Gateway 3650 BH fifth wheel, the one that has the half bath accessible from outside. I originally sent you a message oct. 30th a little after 8am, ( in case this doesn’t follow that message ) LOL (: Thank you for all you do. You are the bomb!! Ward and Terri-Lynn

        • Hey Ward,

          A few thoughts and a question – first – you say its you two 80% of the time, refresh my recall, who are you planning on traveling with you 20% of the time? Was it the grandkids? If so, what are their ages? (I ask because if they’re tweens or teens they may prefer to sleep outside in a tent – and if so – you’re buying a bunk model that won’t see much use as intended.) My immediate concerns about the Gateway 3650 are the following: 1) its dry weight is 13000 pounds – thats a lot for a 2500 gas truck. 2) the outside kitchen often ends up as wasted space – I’ve seen more folks use the outside kitchen as storage than as an outside kitchen. Further, the fridge in the outside kitchen is 110v only. So…if you’re boondocking its a big paperweight! 3) The 3650BH is 41 ft long – you’re cutting back on where you can camp and you had originally mentioned pulling some atv’s – this will end up with a very LONG total length tow. Your thoughts? Al

          • Excellent advise Al, that’s why you do what you do, Thank you. 20% is the grandchildren and family. We will keep in contact in the coming future. Ward and Terri

          • OK Al, one more question, Your thoughts on the Highland Ridge Open Range fifth wheels, I’m thinking in the 36ft range, I’ve checked on a few and like what I see. We pulled a 12,000 lb camper with our truck ( the one I mentioned in other posts, non diesel ) no different than our 9300 lb camper. Couldn’t tell the difference. It was set up aftermarket wise for pulling. Let me know what you think, it will tell a lot. Thank you Ward L. P.S. How’s skiing going for you.

          • In general, highland ridge is “ok” in the sense its a Jayco company. Since Jayco was bought out by Thor (affected the 2018 and newer models) the quality control has gone way down. I’d be the same is true for highland ridge. When you think of Open Range, think Jayco Eagle. Its about the same level. Now that said… I maintain 12000 pounds is pushing it for a gas 3/4 ton 10 year old truck. You can certainly get away with it most of the time, but there’ll be those mountain passes where I’d be VERY concerned and certainly the transmission will work overtime to do its job. Which specific Highland Ridge model are you looking at?

          • Not concerned about passes, truck is just fine, live in Minnesota and haven’t seen a mountain in years, by then will have updated. I was looking at years between 2009 and 2014 open ranges, 33 to 38ft. We are very set on that fifth wheel regardless floor plan. When we retire, we then will look at the proper equipment ( approx. 10 yrs. ) then we will probably travel the country. Take care and good luck. Ward L.

    • We are in the research stage, our hearts desire is to take our elderly parents on a few journeys, so we are looking for a rv for my husband and I to fulltime and include our parents, so we need a 2 bedroom with access to our own bathrooms, we dont know where to start

      • Joyce,

        Here’s a couple of possibilities – – look at the models 3950BH and 3740BH. These are Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel trailers. Both floor plans are large, spacious, and well built. Depending upon your budget, I can do additional research to find the right camper, so I offer you these two models as “for example” options. In each case, there is a separate “bunk room”, but rather than ask your parents to sleep in bunks, there is a tri-fold sofa which will be about a queen size bed and easily opens / folds out and is actually quite comfortable. Notice, there are two bathrooms, however the bunk room bathroom does not have a shower. I can’t recall ever seeing a 5th wheel (or motorhome) with 2 full bathrooms – its always this arrangement – 1 full and 1 half bath.

        Do you think that either of these floor plans could work for your needs?


  11. Alan’s service was invaluable to us and worth many times more than his reasonably small fee.

    We sold our home of 21 years (we are newly empty-nested!) and immediately moved into the 5th wheel that Alan found and helped us purchase from a private seller. We are very comfortable and now know that he helped us to avoid a number of potential headaches.

    These are the value highpoints of Alan’s process:
    1) Assessment — Alan began with questions about what we wanted and how would use our RV and then he listened to us (and very well)
    2) Education — we thought we new what we wanted (a travel trailer) and then Alan educated us on why a 5th wheel would likely be a much better fit for our full-time living situation. He was spot-on. We now realize what an important choice this was for us — we love our new home.
    3) Make and model identification — Alan has deep knowledge of the industry. This was fascinating to us as he explained industry trends, manufacturer history and build-quality differences. We came away with a clear list of RV’s we wanted and a longer list of those we would be avoiding. This part of the process would have been worth Alan’s fee alone.
    4) Search and negotiate — with our target RVs list in hand, Alan sent us info on models for sale as he found them. When we confirmed our interest, he then contacted the sellers to begin the process. It was highly valuable (and a time saver) for us to have Alan working for us as our agent. His experience and style really paid off here.

    On top of all this, we really enjoyed working with Alan — like a trusted friend.

    That’s a lot of words.

  12. Alan and his team guided us through the entire process of buying an RV. They took the guesswork out of it completely. We purchased a new unit that was in relative high demand so there was no possibility of saving thousands of dollars, however Alan answered every question I had prior to securing his services and was an amazing teacher and guide through the entire process. I would never do it any differently. We were novice rv the folks and really appreciated the wisdom that Alan provided. We are now living in our travel trailer full time and could not be happier with our purchase. I still feel like I could contact Alan at any time and get the same level of care. Thanks again Alan!


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