RV life – a quick science lesson about climate and a building heatwave

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As we approach the July 4 holiday weekend, still a few days away, I trust you are enjoying your RV Life wherever you are!

While this post is relevant to all; it is particularly relevant to RV’ers! You see, we are so connected with our surroundings just beyond the (thin) walls of our traveling home, it is hard not to be connected with the environment!

So, whether you’re enjoying the rv life or just preparing for some downtime from your “bricks and sticks” home,  as we approach a holiday weekend, I would like to share a brief science lesson on climate, astronomical patterns, and share some news about the current weather pattern that is impacting the United States.

In my video I share a quick science lesson. Hey my 20+ years as an educator has to come out occasionally!  My video explains why temperatures are still rising across North America, and statistically when (and why) they begin to drop – in a few weeks.

I also introduce how the current weather pattern will create potentially extreme heat across much of the interior West, and very, very “tropical” conditions all along the Eastern seaboard, east of the Appalachian Mountains. I then leave it to an Accu-Weather page where they do an outstanding job explaining the developing weather pattern – here at the end of June 2013.

RV Life – and the Science of Climatic Patterns – and a Building Heatwave

YouTube Preview Image

Here is the Accu-Weather page – with a video of their own that explains the current weather pattern quite well. 

rv life

RV Life at RV Across America! A hike at 8700 ft through our National Forest reveals how “tinder dry” conditions are.

rv life

RV life in the wilderness means being aware of natural risks – click this image to see how much of this hillside has been impacted by the beetle kill.

rv life

RV Life in the heat can produce stress… STAY ALIVE – click to learn how cardio protogen can “stack the odds” in YOUR favor!

rv life

This image shows just how much “fuel” is still standing in our national forest – photo taken along 550 in Northern Colorado


 I’d welcome your thoughts, insights, and feedback … please use the “leave a reply” below to share and contribute! Now on with the RV Life! 

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