Mid-Autumn at Sleeping Bear RV Lander Wyoming

Mid-autumn in Lander…

Lander is a small Western Wyoming community located about 3 hours south of Yellowstone. Truth be told, there are some hidden gems in and around Lander! I have been here for the past week plus and will likely spend a bit over 2 weeks – in part waiting for warranty work at Riverton RV (look for a review soon) and in part because I really LIKE this area! My “home base” while I’m here? Sleeping Bear RV Park

Please enjoy this video sharing a bit about Sleeping Bear RV Park and Campground, located on the edge of town, and a brief tour up Sinks Canyon – a truly hidden gem within minutes of “downtown” Lander. 

Brief update… Oct 23- nearly 70 yesterday, 60’s likely through the weekend, then BIG snow and VERY cold (10’s) Mon-Tuesday of next week… gotta love Wyoming! Naturally, this comes *just* as I hope to get into Riverton RV for some warranty work before I head to Steamboat Springs, Co (also hopefully next week!)

Don’t miss the photos of Sink Canyon and more below! 

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 Sleeping Bear RV… Lander… and Sinks Canyon – 



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