A Few Thoughts on TV and your RV…

I’m not a Dish useryup, i’m the full-time RV’er who does NOT have Dish

Watch this video for what I DO use for TV Programming and information…

Ok, now for some specifics: 

Video Downloader can be accessed HERE (this is an official Mozilla (Firefox) page, so you can feel safe with what you’re about to download.)


I also mentioned “HDMI” cables in the video. This is a cable that connects your laptop (IF it has an HDMI port) to your TV (which likely DOES have an HDMI port). The cable is typically available at Walmart, however, here is a link to one I suggest from Amazon. The cable I’m linking you to is 15 feet long (you can get them as short as 3 or as long as 25), I found 15 to be a good length, AND meets the latest standards. When you connect your TV to your laptop, you will likely have to use the “input” button on your TV remote to switch from TV to HDMI (and if you have more than 1 HDMI port on your TV (mine are on the side of my TV), pay attention to WHICH HDMI port you use (they are numbered!)

Lastly, allow me to share one additional thought…

What could be more important than your HEALTH? AND… knowing that heart disease is the #1 Killer today – wouldn’t it make sense to do something PREVENTATIVE for it? Click the image below for more info…

arginine and heart health
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