Working my first RV show…

Stalkups are expecting folks from all across Wyoming and several surrounding states!

Who? Stalkups RV

stalkups rv
Stalkups – the biggest RV dealer in the state of Wyoming!

When? This weekend (see the image below) – March 27 – 29

What? An RV – Boat – and ATV Expo!

I will be kicking off my RV sales career as I greet many visitors who are looking to pursue (or enhance) their dream – owning an RV and traveling the nation as I have been privileged to do for the past 3+ years. 

It’s going to be lots of fun! And… if you’re in or anywhere near Casper, Wyoming… why not stop by?!

For me, I’ve been doing my homework and studying – learning the technicalities of many rigs – this morning I focused on Outdoors RV trailers – made by folks in Oregon, yup, not Indiana! And made by folks who really think through what must go into a trailer to make it solid and road – worthy for many years of enjoyment.

stalkups RV
Stalkups RV opens the 2015 RV season with a big splash in Casper!

Outdoors RV – Jayco – Redwood – Rushmore – Fuzion – Outback – Impact – ElkRidge – and more…

Why Outdoors RV Stands Out…


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2 thoughts on “Working my first RV show…”

    • Thanks CarolAnn! I’m looking forward towards the pace of the event – it will remind me (i’m sure) of life in ‘Jersey, in contrast to the typically laid back lifestyle here in the rural West.

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