RV Life and the Corona Virus

Just a quick note this morning – March 22, 2020 – about RV Life, my preparations for travel this Spring and just how the Chinese Corona Virus is impacting things. My written words here will be VERY brief (unusual!) – but the video below (I hope) says it all. In it, I address a number of RV’er related issues AND express my thoughts and insights regarding how we are approaching this virus as a nation. Thanks for watching it and if you have thoughts, I’d love to hear them below.

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14 thoughts on “RV Life and the Corona Virus”

  1. Blaming China. Really?
    Do you know where the 1916-1918 pandemic started? You’ll probably
    Say something “uninformed” like Spain.
    Obama had two teams of pandemic responders in place to respond to the inevitable pandemics the world has due to mass transit.
    Evan remote Eskimos got the ww1 flu from a dog sledder killing 72 of them out of 80.
    You taught Science NOT history.
    You lack deductive reasoning. And you are subject to propaganda.

    I indeed worry for our country

    • Felicia,

      Thank you for your angry, rambling and incoherent comment. My only reply is yes, REALLY, I blame the COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVERNMENT for NOT being forthcoming to the rest of the world when this broke out in Wuhan Province.

      Oh, and have a wonderful day. I hope your anger and bias don’t overcome you.


  2. I have followed your FB page for a year or more and have now unfollowed it. I have no respect for, or desire to hear from anyone that actually believes what our lying, clueless president says. And then to say you have respect or admiration for our government and the way they have handled things? OMG, and then to top it off, to blame the Chinese for the “Chinese virus”!! AND, you are advocating for the “cure” that our hapless leader, because he “knows more about this than anyone else in this country”, claims is safe, even as countless people of science tell us there is no solid evidence of it helping AND it is downright dangerous!

    I do not normally post negative things to folks, as I believe they are entitled to their opinion, but when when their opinion is dangerous and full of untruths, I must speak up.

  3. I found your video stupid and insulting. You obviously get your information from FOX, the alternative facts network. I suggest you broaden your information sources before you try and provide this type of information. Our Federal Government (intelligence department) was providing briefings to our so called leaders back in early January and they did nothing. (If your going to get intelligence briefings you need to have some intelligence on how to use them.) Our so called leaders were again asleep at the switch, IE. 9-11. After watching your video calls into question any other information you provide as to how truly informed you are. I know I will question more deeply anything more you publish.

    • Mark,

      Thank you for your insights and pre-judging where I get my information from. I’m sorry you didn’t find value in it and I wish you all the best. I apologize for nothing I said in the video. You clearly have an agenda, therefore I’ve already forgotten your points.


  4. I’m done and unsubscribing. Made tnis decision immediately once I saw you labeled it the Chinese Corona virus….
    Please don’t bother responding.

    • Thank you! I’m sure you won’t let centuries of tradition in naming diseases get in your way. It’s the Chinese Communist Party who wants it labeled as covid or corona – I’m sorry but I don’t ascribe to their wishes. It IS the Chinese virus and calling it otherwise defies centuries of tradition in naming viruses. Have a nice life!

  5. Just from the type of insults that have been made toward you today I question their intent. You are right on Allen thanks for studding the numbers and looking at this logically instead of using emotion to guide you.

    • Thanks Gerry. Its amazing to me how INtolerant the far left is and those who hold the views of the far left. Logic is the only way to view what is happening in our nation (and world) at this time. Frankly, we are facing a situation that could take down our health care system (and of course there are some who WANT to see that to bring on socialized medicine), but we’re talking about peoples lives here. Everything I see happening by leaders (on both sides of the political fence) – Trump AND the Democrat Governors are doing what they NEED to do to protect people and SAVE lives… AND … so far, as far as I can see it, the Constitution is being respected.

  6. Hey Alan. Great video! Thank you……I like to drink in the knowledge of highly respected resources. Your perspective is right on the money and always one of the best in my opinion. We can only hope and most importantly pray that the rest of the country and most importantly the people that live in these hot spots practice all CDC suggested measures to lessen that curve. Also, lets not forget to include the rest of the world…..equally important. I also like the combo drug trial chloroquine and z-pack. Hope and pray that proves extremely successful. Keep up the good work buddy and stay healthy and safe in your travels.

    • Steve,

      Thanks for your kind words and insights. I can see you’re up on things and we’re both watching history unfold. Lets see what happens after tuesday when they start administering chloroquine and z-pack to people in the hospital – I think trump said he’s sending 10,000 doses to NY. If the results mirror the small study in France, we’ll know in about a week if it works and how well it works. Keep doing what you’re doing and being who you are. Al

  7. Al,
    Thanks so much for the informative video based on real facts. I appreciate how you took time to discuss this issue, while relating it directly to the RV business/ lifestyle. As I’ve read over the comments it’s unfortunate that others can’t take a bipartisan stance. They have appeared to let their political veiw points interfere with facts. I heard you applauded both sides of the aisles in the video.

    • Andreu,

      Thanks for your kind and wise words. And, yes, I’ll give credit where credit is due. At the time Cuomo and Newsome, though far left governors clearly were willing to work with our President at the time of my video. I’m a bit concerned about some statements made by Cuomo in the past day or so, but time will tell. And you’re right – this situation REQUIRES we work together to beat this “invisible enemy.”



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