Looking for location neutral income? Two “dirty little secrets” the network marketing…

Two dirty little secrets the Network Marketing industry would greatly prefer you NOT know…

Whether you’re an “RV’er” – often referred to as a traveler, or you live in a “sticks and bricks” home, there is a great allure to earning a living from your recliner! My (provocative and revealing) video below discusses the nature of the network marketing industry and its two “dirty little secrets”…

As you can see, there ARE two formidable pitfalls that most folks who go into Network Marketing have no idea of – or – allow the temporary enthusiasm created by a “slick presenter” to overcome their “better senses”. (Those who have ever been to such a meeting know *exactly* what I’m referring to.

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Network Marketing has a certain “allure” but DOES come with pitfalls…

Deciding to engage with a network marketing (mlm, relational marketing) company should be a non-emotional business decision. It does not mean you shouldn’t feel an affinity for the company, products or services – you likely should, but you must consider the points I raise in my video before taking action and “buying your franchise.”

RV’ers are in a particularly unique position to benefit from running a successful business from their RV, but must understand their own unique limitations. For example, space within in your RV is at a true premium, and any use of that space for storage of business related materials, must be balanced against the gain from using storage in that manner.

With the advent of wifi being widely accessible, the ability for most RV’ers (and those in homes that are very rural) has become much more realistic and hence the ability to run a business “online”. As a living example of this, I can testify it works and CAN be done!

As I offered in my video, I am more than willing to talk with anyone who is considering this option. I can be reached on Skype at alan.sills and I give my phone number (yes, you can really reach me via phone!) in the video.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am with a network marketing company, and after MUCH research, consideration, and thought have settled with ONE company that meets the criteria I set forth in my video.

Hey… thanks for reading and I welcome your feedback and thoughts (use the reply below). While you’re here, I invite you to explore my site, RV Across America.net, and if you’ve ever thought of acting upon your promptings in a creative and personal way… be sure to have a look here…

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  1. Thank you for this valuable information! 🙂 My hubby and I will definitely be looking into this as we explore our desire to become a full-time RVing family!


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