I’m so over WINTER in Mid-May…

Woke to HEAVY snow this morning here in Casper (Wyoming)! Watch below…



Been here since Thursday (recording this 4 days later). Casper is the 2nd largest “city” in Wyoming – population 55000. Nice downtown, some good eateries, and even an old fashioned camera store! I stopped in and talked with the guys who run the place for a bit – learned some about digital photography I had not previously known.

spring snow in casper
Spring Snow in Casper (watch the video!)

The big “thing” about Casper, believe it or not is HISTORY (big post coming soon). It is near Ft. Laramie (about 100 miles) with its own story, but the BIG story here is the North Platte River – a site along which emigrants traveled (over 350,000 of ’em) in the early and mid 1800’s on their way along the Mormon, California, and Bozeman Trails. 


New videos coming soon – addressing “earn income from nowhere” and “some thoughts on health”

Arginine Infusion is something I will be highlighting in my “health talk” as it

will focus on the #1 Killer in our nation today – heart disease and stroke


Whether searching for religious freedom, as the Mormons did; or gold as those heading to Montana and California did, or simply in search of trade routes between the east and west coast, this was the largest freely chosen mass migration in history! I will post more on this … but now the snow –  It has been snowing at various intensities all day. It is now 4pm and it looks like the snow is “picking up” again. Temperatures have held near freezing all day, but at least the roads have not iced up at all. Considering Casper is about 5200 ft. above sea level, this is NOT the mountains and we are only 5 weeks away from “peak sun” (the summer solstice) – it is natural for the roads to remain wet, but still hard to believe temperatures held about 30 degrees below normal all day, and the snow did manage to accumulate on most surfaces OTHER than pavement. 

spring snow in casper
Normal Temperatures for Casper
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